Dr. Trachter knows how to assess your needs, create target goals, strategize and map progress to accelerate advanced performance. Her process is informed by professional training, using empirical data from her psychology background and her business training from Wharton to inform “the highest and best practices” for her clients. Additionally, her team provides tangible measurements to demonstrate interpersonal and financial growth, more effective communication skills, and employee engagement.

Dr. Trachter received both of her doctorate degrees from Nova Southeastern University; one was focused on research, and the other on clinical work. She completed her residency in Clinical and Community Psychology at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Behavior Medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. She holds and Executive Leadership and Management Certificate from Wharton. Her career evolved from a special education teacher to clinical psychologist to executive coach organically, following her passion and desire to assist those in need.



NY: 0 1 5 9 3 4

NPI: 1 1 8 4 8 9 2 9 8 6

APIT: 1 6 1 9 0